Privacy Policy

Visitors to can be certain that their personal information is treated confidentially since we respect their right to privacy.

Personal data is processed in a manner that complies with the Personal Data Protection Act’s guidelines. We want to be very clear about our commitment to the security and dependability of our website, as well as how we use our customers’ personal information, so we’ve included the following statement.

1. Personal data.

When you visit, you have the option to provide us with personal data.
We can request your address, email address, and phone number on some pages.
Additionally, other information is automatically made accessible when you visit, such as your IP address, details about the website from which you visited us, or specifics about the internet browser you are using (technical information).

2. Use of personal data.

When you visit, we only collect, process, and utilize the personal information you give us for purposes that comply with applicable data protection regulations. In order to provide you with the best experience possible while visiting, we will save and use your personal information.
We require information such as name, address, or email address for services like newsletters or contact forms. Every situation is distinct in this regard.

We save anonymously the technical data needed to display on your computer. We use this data for statistical analysis and to make our website as appealing as possible. Additionally, we use this data in an anonymous manner that is unrelated to you personally so that we can keep getting better.

3. Cookies.

Our website uses cookies, scripts, tags, and beacons (subsequently referred to as “cookies”) for the best possible experience. For instance, cookies make sure that the website remembers your country settings, which are necessary for it to function.
Some cookies can aid in displaying advertisements that are pertinent to you.

Your computer stores cookies that you can remove at any moment. It might be necessary to reset your preferences after clearing cookies. Cookies don’t save phone numbers or email addresses and are 100 percent secure. You can choose whether to accept cookies or to alter your cookie settings when you visit for the first time.

4. Information on the cookies that are used by this website.

You should be aware of the cookies our website utilizes as well as their intended usage, in our opinion. We want to make sure that our website is as user-friendly as possible while protecting your privacy.
Read more about the cookies used by and on our website, as well as their intended uses, below.

4.1. Dependable cookies

Beneficial cookies help us maintain the functionality of our website and enhance the services we provide. Cookies are used on our website for:

  • preserving preferences for the ideal video display, such as the preferred buffer size and screen resolution information.
  • Check out your browser’s settings to display our website on your screen in the best possible way.
  • the website’s consistent loading, ensuring that it is always accessible.
  • retaining your login information for any secure portions of our website.
  • enabling you to enter important information only once and transfer it to other pages without having to do it again.
  • allowing you to create preferences on our website that are carried over to other visits.

4.2. Statistics

We regularly track the number of visitors to our website and the pages that are most frequently seen to discover which sections of are most interesting to our readers. We solely utilize the recorded information for statistical analysis and do not link it to specific individuals.

The data is saved for the following purposes:

  • website optimization
  • Decide which pages on our website a visitor will visit first.
  • counting the number of people who visit our website.
  • keeping track of how long each visitor stays on our website.
  • determining which areas of our website need to be adjusted.

4.3. A third party’s cookies.

We cite the explanations provided on the websites of these parties for the cookies that third parties set for social media applications and advertisements on These assertions are subject to constant revision. We have no control over this.


4.4. Unexpected cookies

Due to the design of our website, it’s conceivable that we are unaware of every instance in which cookies are placed on When so-called embedded elements (texts, photos, videos, and/or documents stored with a third party) are used, for instance, this may happen.

5. Obtain and modify your data.

Your legal rights include access to information about the personal information we store on you as well as the ability to update, delete, and block such information. At any moment, you have the option to stop your data from being used for marketing reasons and to revoke your permission to further data use. Through the cookie setting, you can begin the blocking.

6. Links on other companies’ websites.

Links to the websites of other businesses are available on our website.
The data security practices employed by other websites on the internet are not our responsibility. Certain websites contain details regarding the data protection practices of these businesses.

7. How to contact us.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at the following address if you have any queries, suggestions, or requests about our policy:

Email us at or +233550759727.

8. Disclaimer

This statement may alter from time to time due to changes made to the law or our website, for example. This statement’s content is subject to change at any time without previous notice. On 28-09-2022, this sentence was last updated.